How To Use Excel’s If Function.

How To Use Excel's If Function.

If Function is one of the commonly used excel function that allows one to make and come up with a logical comparison between a value and the results you expect to get. The If Function may end up giving either two results with one containing your accurate results and the other answer may be wrong. If Function can be used in businesses to determine the conditions that can lead to doing a particular activity such as a transaction or a production or to determine the accuracy of a marketing report. It is important that you use all your logic when applying this function to attain the expected results.

How can one use IF function in excel?

• Open the excel spreadsheet and select a blank cell.

The first step requires you to open the excel spread sheet and choose any blank cell on the worksheet.

• Type equals and IF.

How To Use Excel's If Function.

After selecting the cell then type in the equals sign(=) followed by the word IF.

• Type in open brackets.

Once you key in the equals sign and IF function, the other step requires you to type the open brackets. This is crucial as it directs the application to work on the edited numerical.

• Select the cell where you want the results to be displayed.

You need to choose where you want the results to be shown for example you can select cell A or Cell B according to the problem you are working on.

• Key in the stated value and include a comma.

Go back to the cell which you edited the equals sign and open bracket and then add your values that you want to work on. This is followed by adding a comma at the end of the value. One vital detail to note though is that some languages require you to use a semi colon instead of commas to display the results.

• Record the statement if you find the condition is not satisfied.

If you don’t find a true answer, then you can write a statement to show that the value is either greater, equals to or less than equals to. Learn about subtract in excel by clicking at

The importance of IF function.

• Excel’s IF function helps in determining if a particular statement is met, the returns of the value are valid or if the results are false. In other words, it helps one to know if the condition they are working on gives a correct answer of which is displayed on the spreadsheets if the reply is not correct the If function provides different predefined values.

• IF Function does not give two results you either get the true or false answer, and it also helps you notice in the case where you are working on an invalid expression.

• The excel function is also useful for large companies handling large reports for employees or in sales departments as it helps in recording and confirming if the figures included in the report are true or false. The function gives you one result that may be either True of false depending on the expressions that you use to work out the value.